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Jelly Berry Bubble with Vinyl Writing

Jelly Berry Bubble with Vinyl Writing

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The perfect addition to your little party. This transparent bubble balloons look amazing with different coloured mini balloons inside the bubble. 

You can customise your bubble balloon by writing in the text box above. We will then make this text come to life with gold vinyl writing, and place onto the side of your bubble balloon.

This Jelly Berry bubble balloon, comes with a collar of mini pink balloons underneath, and inside the bubble itself are three shades of pink balloons!

How long will it last?

These bubble balloons will float for 7 to 10 days.


The main bubble is 20" Diameter (50cm).

The whole display will be roughly 5-6 foot high (150-180cm) from the floor.

You can easily shorten the ribbon to 3 foot (90cm) to sit the bubble on a table.

Care Instructions

Make sure to keep your bubble balloon away from radiators and heaters. Also keep away from any sharp objects.

Always leave balloons where an adult can supervise.

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