About Us

At Castle Balloons we provide high-quality displays and unique creations built to your exact specifications. We can help guide you towards the perfect décor for your own party or event.

Incredible Designs

What We Offer

  • High Quality Balloons

    Our balloons are made entirely of premium rubber latex, which is completely natural and biodegradable. For more information, please see our sustainability page

  • Wide Range of Designs

    We have built a large portfolio of designs while having the opportunity to work with major brands. You can choose any design that you like and pick your own unique colours

  • Custom Displays

    You couldn't find a design that worked for your event? That is not an issue! Using our skilled designers and experienced team, we can create your very own design


Our vision is to be earth's most sustainable event décor company, while building breathtaking large scale bespoke displays for special events. We believe in preserving the earth and advocating for the events industry to protect it properly.

Our Balloon Studio

The Castle Balloons Studio is based in Watford, Hertfordshire, next to London.

Our workshop is not open to the public, however we offer a "Grab & Go" service, where you can collect your ready made displays from our door.

Castle Balloons is led by its founder Chris, who formed the fast growing company in 2017, with the aim of creating beautiful unique designs, that do not harm the environment in any way.

At Castle Balloons we will listen attentively to all your ideas, then we can make them come to life in a way that you didn’t think was possible.

Our ability to design outstanding tailor-made eco-friendly décor, will amaze all your guests as they arrive at your party!


  • Design

    Innovation is key so to be able to create breathtaking displays, we put the maximum effort into our design and creation processes

  • Sustainability

    Means using the correct products for our displays that won't cause any harm to the earth or the depletion of any natural resources

  • Reliability

    We are 100% reliable and will never let you down for your event. We will double check everything and will then liase with the venue